The Spaniard

Cezar Freeland was born on 19 September 1996 at the Holberton Hospital, Antigua. Raised in a Hispanic household, Spanish became his second nature and language thus the stage name “The Spaniard”.  From an early age, he showed interest in Sports, Medicine and Music. However, being raised in a family of musicians and being the son of a past DJ music became his way of life

During his teenage years, Cezar attended the Clare Hall Secondary school where he received many awards for sports. During his tenure there, he was hired to host small events that the school would have. This, jumpstarted his passion for music.

By February 2015, The Spaniard had become a household name with special thanks to ‘DJ Nez’. At this point, his focus was mainly Physical Education and Music. Upon completion of high school, he attended the Antigua State College where he was thrown into a DJ competition which was the game changer. Going into competition, he was an optimistic “do it for the fun” contestant. At the end, he emerged as the winner which brought about the idea of turning “The Spaniard” into a brand.

As a result for winning the DJ completion at the Antigua State College, he was offered an internship at Vibz 92.9 FM where his skills and personality awarded him a full time member of staff. The opportunity to play on air daily allowed him the ability to fine tune his craft. To date, The Spaniard serves as a DJ and has the skills of a basic Sound Engineer with his own show! “The Midday Show” on Vibz FM 92.9 which runs from 10AM – 1PM from Monday to Friday.

His career thus far has allowed him to provide quality entertainment both overseas and locally such as Carnival Bands, Fetes, Clubs, House Parties and Non-profitable events for Cancer Awareness and the Red Cross. However, this is only the beginning for young Cezar Freeland. Opportunities awaits him in the near future with booking offers from Jamaica and Florida. For Cezar “The Spaniard”, The sky is not the limit.

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