Supa Dymond

Bruce Barthley aka Supa Dymond exhibited a passion for more music from an early age when he became a part of black heart sounds, delighting crowds around Antigua. After earning a degree in live sound & studio engineering in 1998, he returned home and to put his newly acquired skills to work by doing live sound engineering for some of the major bands in Antigua like Onyan and the Baygon band, the Dread and the Baldhead,  Claudette Peters and Taxik among others. Supa Dymond also performed recording duties at Caribbean sound Basin in T & T and Sole to sole in London with musical great, Jazzy B.

Supa Dymond has continued to rock and thrill audiences with his energetic personality and have kept them craving for more. He also enjoys the pulsating rush of Dragg Racing. You can always count of Supa Dymond taking part in almost all Dragg Racing events.

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